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Groovy Groomer



I've been grooming since 2005 and have worked at Summit Animal Clinic since 2009.


Sage the Beagle and Marley (Grandog) Stafford


My wife Paula and our two children Sarah and Nick and my imaginary friend Roderick.


I enjoy carpentry, gardening, hunting, photography, archery and riflery.


I like the critters and brining my dog to work.

Favorite Things:

I was raised by a pack of Boll Weevils on a turnip farm. I was fostered by wolves who despaired of teaching me to howl and turned me over to my human parents who despaired of teaching me to comb my hair and indentured me to a Tibetan Yak Groomer from which I transitioned to Dog Grooming. Really.

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Phone: (262)567-0307

Locations :
Summit Animal Clinic

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