Our Services

Summit and Heritage Animal Clinics offer veterinary care to your pets from their earliest years through every stage of life into maturity. We strive to make our clinics welcoming and comforting places for your companions, so they are wagging their tails when they come as well as when they leave!

    • Wellness/Preventive care

      Regular veterinary check-ups are important even when your pet isn’t sick, just as it is for humans. Early detection of potential illnesses or conditions can make a big difference in your pet’s health, and allows us to treat relatively minor conditions easily before they have a major impact on your pet.

    • Vaccinations

      Protect your pet from common, but deadly illnesses by keeping up-to-date on immunizations. We’ll be happy to provide guidance on those shots that are particularly important in Wisconsin, such as Lyme disease preventative.

    • Diagnostic services

      Is your friend just not himself?  With 40 years in veterinary medicine, we’re skilled at diagnosing a pet that’s under the weather and identifying what is wrong and the options for treating it.  We offer onsite X-rays and visits by an Ultrasound specialist that can help to diagnose issues more quickly.

    • Surgical services

      Our advanced surgical suite is equipped to provide extensive surgical care to your pet ranging from routine spay and neutering to advanced procedures.  We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior care to your pet, including surgical laser and electronic radio-wave technology for fine and delicate procedures, and Sevoflurane gas anesthesia, which is safer for pets and allows more precise control


  • Laboratory testing

    Our full laboratory returns most blood work results quickly. For more sophisticated testing, we partner with veterinary specialists as well.

  • Nutritional consultations and supplies

    A large part of keeping pets healthy is providing them with high-quality food and nutrition. We carry the Science Diet and Hills Diet brands. Our doctors can recommend a diet that is best for your companion.

  • Pharmacy services

    We can fill most prescriptions on-site for your pet, and we carry flea, tick, heartworm and parasite prevention products.

  • Pet grooming

    Give your pet a makeover by accessing our grooming services. Our Summit Animal location in Oconomowoc is happy to accomidate for all sizes and breeds. For an added convenience we will gladly combine a grooming visit with a medical appointment as well.