Meet the Team

Support Staff


Certified Veterinary Technician



4 years with equine vet

8 years at Heritage Animal Clinic

Weekends and Holidays at WVRC as ER Technician


Skyler - 8 year old Weimaraner

Dozer - 6 month mix

Orie - 11 year old cat

Liberty - Thoroughbred Mare

Harmony - Thoroughbred / Andalusian Mare


Horseback riding, gardening, cooking, knitting, soap making and reading.


I like when we can make sick animals feel better and enjoy the diagnostic process; x-rays, blood work (I'm still fascinated with microscopic organisms) and medication.

Favorite Things:

I love reading and try to get through 2-3 books a week. I almost never watch tv except for football season and then I knit during games so I feel more productive. I also like to fix stuff and will make a lot of things from scratch whether it involves paint, power tools, crafts or food.

Contact Me

Phone: (262) 646-3900

Locations :
Heritage Animal Clinic

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